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This pack contains 50 guns with 2 types of outline provided, with extras included too.

Everything can be found in a single .pdn file, and individual weapon files are also included.

The color palette used is DawnBringer32.

This pack can be modified and used commercially for free, and please do not sell the assets as your own. 

Credit, donations, feedback and requests are all appreciated!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, 32x32, Abstract, Aliens, dawnbringer, db32, gun, Pixel Art, Weapons


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Snoopeth's Guns.zip 206 kB


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I want to congratulate you for your great work, I was looking at your profile and you have some very good PixelArt pieces, I am currently looking for material to generate some interactive pixelart works in NFT format, I saw that you have an open license to market, I will send you a percentage of future sales, for your great work!, before starting with the development I wanted to ask you first, thanks!

Hi there, thanks for the nice words! My stuffs all CC0 so you're free to do what you want with it, I'd prefer it to not be sold unmodified though. Credit and donations are always appreciated too, and best of luck with your project :)

Thanks to you, will you have an email or messaging channel?, I would like to share more information about the project


Hey snoopeth ive looked at lots of your stuff in the past 30 mins and I'm very impressed at the quality of these sprites and how they are free to use you are a very nice person, would you mind if I try and use them but edit them slightly but still give full credit if I wanted to release it!, its just to make them fit the style of my game a bit more is all :)


Hey tyvm, you're welcome to modify them however you like. Thanks for the credit and best of luck with your game :)


you are fantastic and i appreciate you very much :) 


Snoopeth your a talented artist and a nice guy! :] I can't imagine the time you must take to make all of these sprites and then you just give them out for FREE! That's a very nice thing to do especially since a lot of devs aren't amazing at pixel art and need good assets, for their games! 

Thanks again for the amazing assets! :]


Thank you very much! I hope you get good use out of them :)


i will! :]

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thanks man that is amazing, i want use it in my game :)


Feel free to share it if you do!


sure man thanks :)


Thank you so much


Glad you like them!